Christmas Trees!

Christmas Trees - Fleuristic
It’s December, and you know what that means? It’s time to get your Christmas tree!

We know that for many people, the Christmas season doesn’t begin when the jingles start playing in the malls, it starts when you bring home and decorate your tree. It’s a great tradition and Fleuristic is happy to help people warm up their home with a beautiful tree this holiday season.

Christmas tree tips

People often ask us about how best to select and care for their tree. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Decide where you will be placing your tree before you go shopping. No one wants to pull a Clark Griswold and bring home a tree that doesn’t fit through your door.

  2. If possible, choose a Fraser Fir or Balsam Fir, as they last the longest.

  3. Check the needles to make sure they don’t come off in your hand (i.e. too dry).

  4. Make sure the tree has a good, green colour and smell. Older trees will look more grey or brown and won’t have as nice an odour.

  5. Once your tree is installed in your home, make sure you have a stand that holds a sufficient amount of water. Some trees will drink up to four litres of water each day.

  6. Be sure to keep your tree away from heaters, fireplaces, or any other items in your home that produce heat or flames.

  7. Ensure that you use lights that are not frayed. LED lights are best as they produce virtually no heat.

Christmas tree lighting

No Christmas tree is complete until it is lit up. Gone are the days of struggling with chains of bulbs searching for the one that needs to be replaced because all the lights are out. Now you can find flexible lighting that can be draped over your tree, instead of wound around and around.

LED lighting is also a great choice. Now available in a wide variety of styles, LED lighting doesn’t produce heat, uses very little electricity, and looks great. At Fleuristic, we are proud to carry Luca Lighting (both plug-in and battery options) LED lights for your tree. These lights are strung along a flexible wire (available in copper, silver, or clear) for easy use. These fairy lights are easy to put on your tree and can be bent into a variety of shapes to be used throughout your home.

Come and visit Fleuristic today and get everything you need to have a Merry Christmas.