The Flower Girls  519-265-3000  739 Woolwich Street, Guelph


Thanks for checking in on us.  We have dreamed of the day to design and create a space that is all our own.  Our passion for flowers, the retail environment and delighting our customers drives us everyday to be at our best.  We opened our studio in May of 2015 and we are so in love with this journey we are on!

Meet….us! Leah Olsen-Kent and Kalie Anderson.  We are the Flower Girls. We have worked together for 9+ years, formed a fond friendship over those years and our respect for each other’s talents have moulded a brilliant partnership. We look forward to meeting and working with all of our clients. 

Leah is an artist at heart.

A skilled painter and photographer, she has a talent for seeing things as they could be and not how they are. You can find some of her alluring oil paintings at the store! Leah’s Floral Design Certificate from Humber College is combined with over 20 years of running Royal City Nusery in Guelph, along side her sister and mom and dad. Fleuristic was created as a division of Royal City Nursery in 2004 and Leah's design talents made the division a success. Her clients count on her for her reliability, creativity and fast work. She is best in the world at what she does.

In her personal life, Leah her husband and their two boys continue to work on their stunning yellow brick century home which they bought and immediately tore down right to the studs. They completed all the work themselves, fully committed to creating the perfect space for their family to flourish in.

Kalie is an idea generator.

She has always found ways to infuse her creativity into everything she does. Her experience in working with high-end brands including lululemon, e-Spot inc. and Royal City Nursery has left her with a sharp eye for detail and high standards of customer service. Kalie holds a degree in marketing management and a postgraduate certificate in public relations.  Retail has always had a strong hold on her as it calls for a combination of creative flare and business savviness, a multi-taskers dream workplace.

In her personal life Kalie is an active athlete. Her husband is in the restaurant industry and they enjoy the pleasure of wining and dining with friends whenever possible. She loves decorating and interior painting using her home as her canvas.