Fleuristic Designers


Thanks for checking in on us.  We have dreamed of the day to design and create a space that is all our own.  Our passion for flowers, the retail environment and delighting our customers drives us everyday to be at our best.  We designed and opened our studio in May of 2015 and we are so in love with this journey we are on!

In July of 2020 after 5 years, we decided to close the retail side of our business and only operate our services.  Artistic Wedding Floral Design and our Custom Planter Program continue to keep us busy now and into the future! 

Meet….us! Leah Olsen-Kent and Kalie Anderson.  We have worked together for 15+ years, formed a fond friendship over those years and our respect for each other’s talents have moulded a brilliant partnership.

We look forward to meeting and working with all of our clients. 

Leah is an artist at heart.

A skilled painter and photographer, she has a talent for seeing things as they could be and not how they are. You can find some of her alluring oil paintings at the store!

Leah has a flair for creating original bouquet designs and is behind the scenes bringing your wedding vision to life! As head floral designer she has a hand in all events and day to day floral arrangements.

Her custom seasonal planter clients count on her for her reliability, creativity and fast work. She is best in the world at what she does and your home or business is instantly elevated with Leah creating your exterior annual planters.

Kalie is an idea generator.

Kalie has always found ways to infuse her creativity into everything she does. Her experience in working with high-end brands including lululemon, e-Spot inc. and Royal City Nursery has left her with a sharp eye for detail & design and high standards of customer service.  

Kalie will guide you in making the perfect creative decisions around your wedding floral designs. She easily connects with you and is instantly relatable. She de-stresses the process of wedding planning by sharing her advice, planning and floral design skills openly and easily. 

"Enhancing my clients experience leaves me on a high! I want clients to leave every meeting feeling excited, set-up for organizational success and with the sweet sweet certainty that I'm going to create the most amazing floral designs for their special day. "