Fairy Gardening!

Fairy Gardens- Fleuristic
Fairy Gardens are a terrific way to add some whimsy to your garden, planters, and indoor pots — some people say they bring a home good luck.

While fairy gardens may seem like a new idea, they have actually been around a long time. Originally presented as part of the bonsai dish gardens at the Japanese Pavilion at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, fairy gardens have since become popular all over the world.

What is a fairy garden?

Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that feature living plants, tiny structures, and accessories for fairies. You can design a unique mini garden and then create small scenes with fairies enjoying themselves in amongst the plants.

Fairy garden plants are specially selected to flourish in small spaces and not grow too tall. There are all sorts of flowering plants, groundcovers, and greenery that you can choose from when planting your dream fairy garden.

Then, after your garden is planted, it’s time to select your fairies!

Fleuristic carries a wide variety of ceramic, hand-painted fairy garden figurines and accessories that are made in Canada. There are all kinds of fairy figurines to choose from; single fairies, best friend fairies, cottages, benches, wheelbarrows and other gardening accessories, and even gates and decor!

Creating fairy gardens is a great family activity and the number of scenes you can create is virtually endless.

Fairy Doors

In some gardens and parks people place a fairy door at the bottom of trees. If you have a look around some of the parks in Guelph, you will come across fairy doors. Sometimes you will see little presents that children have left by the doors for the fairies — it’s enchanting.

There is a magical element behind Fairy Gardening, and some people say that if you build the fairies a home they will come!

Visit Fleuristic to see our full line of Fairy Gardening — we carry it all year ‘round.