Tropical Plants for Hot Summer Days

Tropical Plants - Succulents - Fleuristic
Hot summer days are great for getting out and enjoying the sunshine, but the heat can be hard on your plants. During the summer months, annuals and perennials will need frequent watering, and may even need to be moved into the shade. Succulents, on the other hand, are drought tolerant, low maintenance, and are not typically susceptible to same kind of heat damage.

At Fleuristic, we love succulents. Here are a few of the benefits of succulents:

  • They don’t need large pots or large space.
    • They work well in small spaces, like windowsills, on desks, tables, etc.
  • They are available in all sorts of shapes and colours.
    • They look lovely when planted in groups.
  • Certain varieties of succulents produce beautiful flowers.
    • Flowering succulents add a nice dimension to the lower growing types.
  • They are flexible.
    • They can be planted in the ground outside, or in a container, or can remain inside.
  • They are drought resistant.
    • They require very little water and are low maintenance.

How to care for your succulent

People often ask us how they should look after their succulents. There is a lot of confusion as to how often to water, how much to water, how much sunlight they require, and what kinds of soil work best. Here are some tips to care for your succulent:

  1. Succulents prefer to get six hours of indirect sunlight. So you will want to carefully consider where they will be situated.

  2. Succulents like water, but not often. The key is to water them, not spray them — they want a drink, not a mist. You want to ensure that the roots are wet when you water, but then you will want to wait to water them again until the roots have time to thoroughly dry out. The length of time will vary depending on how humid or dry your home or garden is. Overwatering is the easiest way to kill your plants as the roots will rot.

  3. Succulents prefer to be planted in sandy, well-drained soil. To achieve this, try mixing half potting soil and half sand. You can even use coloured sand in a glass container for a contemporary and fun look.

Succulents are a great addition to your home, your office, or your garden. Come and visit us at Fleuristic and choose your favourites!